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Delivering Shareholder Value by​​
Revenue Enhancement,
Cost Reduction​,
Quality Improvement,
Inventory Optimization,
Waste Reduction,
Commercialization Improvement


To help our clients improve
the quality of their processes & products,
the speed of products & services commercialization,
their strategy formulation & deployment, 
their employee's skills and
the profitability of their business.

To help our clients move beyond delighting their customers,
to move them towards being indispensable to the success of their customers.

We will do this by
executing & facilitating strategy, programs & projects,
by mentoring, coaching  & teaching skills and by
offering customized help .  

Beyond being here for you..... 
We are here with you
​​​​We bring great value to clients by forging partnerships in transformation
  • Energy 
  • Engineered Products
  • Health Care
  • Minerals
  • Plastics, Polymers, Composites
  • Process Industries 





 Right Tool  -  Right Place  -  Right Time​​​​

Continuous & 
Disruptive Improvement

Coaching, Mentoring & Teaching
Front Line to C Suite

Process, Product & Platform Speed to Commercialization

Utilizing the Right Tool
at the Right Time
in the Right Place
Attaining Sustainability by
Upgrading Skills, & Competencies  while Implementing Ownership
Ideation through
LEAN'ed Phase-Gate with
Value Stream Team Work

Barry J. Dallum

​​​​Barry is the founder of E3 - Enterprise Excellence Execution.  a market, product, service, technology commercialization and operations excellence consulting firm.   His focus is on people, product and process.       He has
  • strategically and tactically worked with all management levels & employees in global companies to define their path to performance improvement
  • assisted management with operations & process excellence - in both continuous & disruptive improvement - and the culture change needed
  • helped management identify & implement their vision, mission, key organizational performance metrics, cascading communication & metrics alignment and key tools & skills education for sustainable success
  • over 35 years experience in industries including oil/gas, healthcare, automotive, minerals, chemicals, construction, fabricated products, retail, polymers and composites
  • conducted market, product and services research for numerous companies along with providing the methodology to increase speed to market
  • co-founded a front-end loading process that decreases costs and shortens time to commercializaion as a function of risk
  • mentored hundreds of project team leaders along with leading and facilitating numerous improvement projects in many functional areas. ​These areas include: procurement/purchasing, engineering, R&D, technology commercialization, marketing/market development, sales services, transportation & warehousing, production/operations, quality, maintenance, technical services, revenue cycle & accounting along with other front and back office functions
  • provided both classroom and just-in-time training in process excellence, continuous and disruptive improvement.
Examples of his skills and experience include:
  • Co-formulation & deployment of a speed-to-commercialization process resulting in stretch goal realization.
  • Program & Project Management Office structure and governance formulation.
  • Project results of over $48 million/yr in continuous operational savings and new revenue generation of over $202 million/yr.
  • Numerous inventory optimizations resulting in less short ships and working capital savings of over $40 million.
  • Providing guidance to as many as 11 managers and technologists direct reports at various times.
  • Formulation & deployment of operational excellence & product commercialization processes within a Fortune 10 joint venture.
  • Co-formulation & deployment of Lean Six Sigma methodology & training in two Fortune 5 companies & a Fortune 500 company.
  • Several cross-divisional mega-project implementations at a Fortune 5 company.
  • ​Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
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